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Tiga о Nokia Trends Lab в Москве!

Почти сразу же после окончания мероприяия Nokia Trends Lab, хедлайнер Tiga поделился своими впечатлениями о энергетике московского Nokia Trends Lab в своем дневнике на My Space: 

суббота, декабря 06, 2008


a few times a year, i play a party that is perfect. when everything goes right: when the people are amazing, the sound is incredible AND my set is good.....very very rarely, i give the party my highest honor and score it a 10 out of 10. usually parties are 7s, sometimes 8s, some crappy 4s, and rarely a 9...... but a 10, only a few tens after so many years.

Tonight in Moscow was a 10. i was very surprised, it was a big party for Nokia, so i was expecting corporate vibe....but it was incredible. Best sound system i have heard all year, perfect crowd....and just fanatstic energy/

thank you Russia, i really needed a night like that. (actually the crazy thing is that i played a 10 in Moscow about 5 years ago at MIO club).

MD sounded did WHat You Need, so album testing is going well.


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